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NRCan/NRCanFacilitiesBySite_E (MapServer)

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Service Description: Real Property and Workplace Services Branch (RPWSB), as owner of buildings and properties for Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), is responsible for managing the department's supply and demand of space. Associated responsibilities include: ensuring the physical integrity of the department's real property holdings; providing advice on, preparing and signing space agreements; prioritizing and analysing real property investments; ensuring compliance with the federal government's real property legislative framework; and managing the risks inherent in operating a national real property portfolio. This dataset defines information on real property holdings managed by NRCan. The NRCan Facilities by Occupancy layer presents the geographic locations of real property site that are classified by the site occupancy.

Map Name: NRCan Facilities


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Spatial Reference: 3978  (3978)

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